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Join with us as we demand truth and transparency about what is being sprayed in our sky.


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The Desperate Need For Transparency


In the skies of Australia, a concerning phenomenon is taking place — aerial spraying/geo-engineering (aka Chemtrails). What we are witnessing holds grave unknowns, impacting the health of every individual and the very fabric of our environment.
This site is a hub for all concerned Australians to access resources and information, plus share ideas on how to raise public awareness.
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What You Need To Know About Us & This Campaign

Our mission is to unite Australians in a collective call for truth and transparency

Welcome to – a rallying point for Australians nationwide. We are based in South Australia but with open arms for every concerned individual across the country and the world. Our mission is to unite Australians in a collective call for truth and transparency, shedding light on the secretive aerial spraying practices that affect us all.

In South Australia and beyond, our team comprises a spectrum of dedicated individuals – from seasoned scientists and researchers, to passionate community members. We believe in the power of collaboration, recognizing that a comprehensive understanding of the aerial spraying issue requires insights from every corner of our community. is not confined by geographical boundaries; it’s a virtual space where concerned Australians from all walks of life can converge, share knowledge, and contribute to a shared vision of reclaiming the integrity of our skies.

Join us on this mission – whether you’re from our home state of South Australia or any corner of our expansive nation. Your voice matters, and together, we’ll challenge the clouds of secrecy, bringing forth the sunlight of truth. Welcome to a community that believes in the right to clear unpolluted skies for every Australian and our fragile environment.

How Long Can We Ignore This?

This Is What's At Stake

All of US

What goes up must come down! It goes without saying that whatever is sprayed in the sky will fall to earth and who knows what that may be. We ALL have the right to know what this.

Our Children

We all go out of our way to protect our beautiful children from harmful substances, so how can we sit back and let them be subjest to this unknown aerial assault.


Who knows what the impact from aerial spraying will be upon our wildlife? Our ecosystem is fragile and the true scope of potential damage from these activities remains a total mystery.

Our Environment

Oh the hypocisy. The climate change agenda is being hailed as an existential threat to humanity. Don’t talk about this until the impact of man made geo-engineering is understood.

So What Can Be Done About This Situation?

You have already taken the first step! Just by being here shows that you are concerned about what is going on in the sky above.

We have a number of strategies and initiatives for you to consider and you can discover what these are by visting our strategies page (link below).

However, in the meantime remember that the most important thing we can all do is take every opportunity to make those around you aware that we are under attack from above. It’s a numbers game – with mass awareness will come the demand for truth and transparency.

You May Hear This.

1. Oh they are just contrails! Really? As a youngster I enjoyed seeing the  water vapour trails from jet engines before watching them magically disappear …The fact is there are differences – what is being sprayed does not gently disapper. A web forms in the sky before turning into a blanket of overcast gray. Often there are many trails overhead and they are not short lived! These are not contrails – we are happy to be proved wrong.

2. Another comment you will hear is…“Why would they spray the sky with chemicals when it will affect them too”?

Good question and we are working to discover the answer. Join us in finding the answer.

Hosting an Event?

If you are putting on a relevant event and would like us to assist in it’s promotion (without cost) feel free to contact us.

Latest from the Blog

The blog posts on this site are here to be shared onto your social media. We appreciate that most visitors here will be already well aware of what is going on but please appreciate that many of these posts are targeted to those who are only now beginning to notice what is going on in our skies. The aim is to provoke the public into first asking questions and then demanding answers. This is a numbers game with the way forward being a mass community awakening. 

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